St. Kevins Photos (124 of 126)The academic programs at St. Kevin Catholic Academy are based upon the Common Core Standards as prescribed by New York State.

Our early childhood program in Nursery (Pre-K3), Pre-K for All (PKA), grades K, 1 and 2 are designed to build a foundation for the development of life-long critical thinking, literacy and math skills. Our Pre-K Program is part of the NYC Department of Education Pre-K for All initiative.

Our Liturgy Program seeks to instruct our students in the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Faith at each of the different grade levels. We provide First Communion and Confirmation preparation as part of our faith formation program in grades 2 and 8 respectively.

The general curriculum in grades 3-8 offers our students a rigorous program in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math), literacy, social studies and the arts.St. Kevins Photos (101 of 126)

The students in grades Pre-K-8 receive instruction from subject specialists in Spanish, Art, Music and Physical Education.

All of our students in grades K-8 receive either a tablet or chromebook which is integrated into their instructional program.

Academic Expectations

St. Kevin Catholic Academy expects students to perform to the best of their ability. Teachers are expected to evaluate student progress on a regular basis. Students will be given quizzes or tests regularly. After the test is graded, it will be sent home for the parent to review. If a parent does not receive quizzes or tests to review, the parent/guardian should contact the teacher.

St. Kevins Photos (70 of 126)Homework
Homework is an essential part of the instructional program and reinforces learning. It serves as a means for clarifying and reviewing material learned in class, for providing motivation and opportunity for individual growth, and for creating experiences of in-depth study and supplementary reading.

The recommended time allotments for homework (written and study) are as follows:

Grade K – approximately 20 minutes
Grades 1 & 2 – approximately 30-40 minutes
Grades 3 & 4 – approximately 45-60 minutes
Grades 5 & 6 – approximately 90-120 minutes
Grades 7 & 8 – approximately 120 or more minutes

Students are required to complete all homework and it is expected that parents/guardians review/sign the completed homework.

Honor Roll

First Honors
Students in grades 4-8 must achieve an overall average of 93% or better with no grade less than 90% (85% in Spanish). For First Honors, a student must receive a grade of 3 or 4 in Effort, Conduct, Homework, Personal Progress, all specials (P.E., Music and Computer), and no less than an 3 in academic sub-categories.

Second Honors
Students in grades 4-8 must achieve an overall average of 88% or better with no grade less than 85% including Spanish. For Second Honors, a student must receive a grade of 3 or 4 in Effort, Conduct, Homework, Personal Progress, all specials (P.E., Music, Art) and no less than a 3 in academic sub-categories.

Report Card Distribution
Report cards are distributed three times a year for Grades Pre~Kindergarten to 8.
Report cards are distributed in December, March and June. Report cards will be withheld if financial obligations have not been met and fees are outstanding.


A general class meeting is held early in the school year for the teacher to explain class procedures and expectations. Parents may call the school office or contact the teacher directly to set-up conferences at any time during the school year. Report Card conferences are mandatory in December and March.

Consultation with our principal, Mrs. Murphy, is available upon request. Please feel free to make an appointment with Ms. Martin, our school administrative assistant for these consultations.

St. Kevin Catholic Academy’s evaluation is based upon the achievement of objectives that support Common Core Standards and the Diocesan Curriculum Guides.  Evaluation is neither a numerical nor letter grade rating. Rather, it is a comprehensive assessment of a student’s achievement arrived at after using a variety of measurement tools.

The following serves as a guide in determining a student’s trimester grade:
1.     Daily class work
2.     Homework assignments
3.     Independent work or projects
4.     Cooperative work or projects
5.     Student portfolios and profiles
6.     Written tests and quizzes
7.     Multi-media presentations

St. Kevins Photos (69 of 126)Academic Code

1              Not Demonstrated
2              Beginning
3              Developing
4              Secure
X             Not Introduced

Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 – Letter Grades for major subject areas
Grades 5 through 8 – Numerical Grades for major subject areas.

Grades 1 – 8

A+            97 – 100
A             93-96
B+            89-92
B             85-88
C+            81-84
C             77-80
D+           74-76
D             70-73
F             Below 70

Progress Codes – Grade 1 – 8
Progress Codes are used to complete the sub-division under each of the major subject areas and the Personal Progress section on the report cards.

1            Does Not Meet Standards
2            Approaching Standards
3            Meets Standards
4            Meets Standards with Distinction
X           Not Assessed this Trimester

In addition to class and school exams your child will also take part in Diocesan and NY State Tests.

Terra Nova Exams are given in the Fall of each Academic Year in Grades 3 – 8.
New York State Testing are as follows:
Grade 4 –            English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science
Grade 6 –            English Language Arts and Mathematics
Grade 7 –            English Language Arts, Mathematics
Grade 8 –            Science

The faculty of St. Kevin Catholic Academy reviews these test results regularly for the purpose of promotion or retention in conjunction with classroom performance.

Academic Intervention Services

After the results of Grade 4 and 6 State Tests are given, students who score at level 1 or 2 in Math, ELA or Science will be given remediation. This service is additional instruction that supplements their regular program.  Children who receive 1’s will be retested in the spring.