You will notice this year that the APA has big plans, and is making big moves to achieve our goals for the year. Our focus is on supporting and growing our SKCA community, and our goals this year of communication, simplification, and fun support this focus!

What is the APA?
The Academy Parents Association (APA) is a group of parent volunteers who are committed to working together to support our children, our school, and our SKCA families.

Who are we?
Our APA is continuing to evolve, learn and grow. And with the addition of some new younger grade parents, our energy and excitement to support our school, and create lasting memories is also growing! There are 3 Community & Events Coordinators that will be replacing the Co-Presidents and Vice President Roles. This new group approach will help us leverage our unique strengths and create a more widespread approach to welcoming and involving our parents & families.

We are very open to hearing your ideas, finding out what you are passionate about, and how you want to use those passions to get involved! Please feel free to reach out to us any time at: